During lockdown, with the enforced break from both performing and being MD of a community choir, Lou embraced the opportunity to write poetry and short fiction as an extension to her song-writing. She has since been published in two anthologies – ‘Beautiful Lies’ and 'Still Life’.
Arts Critic, Roddy Phillips writes:
‘In Lou Beckerman’s beautifully crafted, elegant poetry, the writer’s passion for music and visual art come together to bear fantastic fruit. The words sing and dance on the page taking the reader on unexpected and memorable journeys through the human condition. Poignant and witty, Beckerman’s poems have an emotional depth that guarantees a wide reaching appeal.’
‘Welcome to the Now’, her collection of thirty poems with her own illustrations, is due for publication in 2023. If you’d like to be notified when publication details are available you can sign up here
Her work is written for the page as well as spoken word with musical interpretation, and she is booked, together with instrumentalists, for a series of her ‘Weaving of Jazz Jewels & Poetry’ shows starting in spring 2023. These performances have been reviewed as ‘a rich and multi-textured experience’. For gig details see Events Diary.

Cover artwork by Catriona Millar. Both anthologies available through Amazon.
A video performance of 'Welcome to the Now'.